general pricing

day of materials

$1.00 per name only card

$2.00 per name + table assignment card

$5.00 per table number - digit

$7.00 per table number - word

envelope calligraphy

$2.50+ per outer envelope (depending on design style)

$1.50 per inner envelope

$1.00 per rsvp or return address - includes name in calligraphy, address in print

all calligraphy pricing includes black ink

custom wedding signage

the pricing for these custom projects varies depending on the details of the pieces, size and materials it involves to create them.

please contact me with further details for an accurate price quote. 

these projects can include : chalkboard signs, seating charts, glass/wood signages and so on ...

additional fees

$0.25 per envelope for colored ink

$0.50 per lined envelope

$0.50 per colored envelope

small details

please provide an additional 20% extra envelopes or any other paper material beyond your final list

turnaround time is 2-3 weeks based on current schedule. rush projects to be completed in two weeks or less will incur a rush fee to be determined based on the scope of the project

pricing does not include pick up, delivery or shipping. based on proximity, pick up and delivery is available for a fee. shipping will be reflected on the final invoice

jobs with additional design detail or special requests will reflect an adjustment in pricing. a lovely print reserves the right to adjust pricing above based on job details with approval from client

please note projects will be completed within 2-3 weeks of receiving envelopes and final address list

each edit or change to the address list once submitted will be subject to a $5.00 change fee per edit

there is a 50% deposit that is due prior to the project beginning and a final payment is due prior to pick up, delivery or shipment to client 


any questions, please feel free to email